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Spanky's Paintball!


Info on the Crusade for Children tourney at Spanky's.

Format is 3-man speedball; entry is $60 by May 5, $70 after.

FPO, PMI Premium at $60 a case if you pre-order, $70 after.

All proceeds to go towards the Crusade for Children;

visit their forum for more info:

Field Hours and Costs:
We are currently open Winter Hours:
  • Sunday 12 to 6pm
  • Other Hours by appointment
Field fees are $5 for the day on Saturdays and Sundays, and $1 on Wednesdays after 4pm.

If you need to rent your own equipment, we have a rental package for $15. This includes a semi-automatic paintball marker, protective face mask, filled air tank, and 100 paintballs. For this price, you also get one free refill for your air tank.

We are a FPO (Field Paint Only) Field - but our pricing is quite good. Paintball pricing is as follows:

Big Ball - $13 for 500 rounds
PMI Premium - $15 for 500 rounds
Marballizer - $18 for 500 rounds
Gator Black - $15 for 500 rounds

CO2 Air Fills are also available for the following pricing:

9oz - $1
12oz - $1.30
14oz - $1.50
16oz - $1.70
20oz - $2.10
32oz - $3.30
36oz - $3.70

You can click here to see what they've offered us:
You can click here to see their contact and website info:

By the way
THANKX Spanky's for sponsoring our Club and Teams!