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PaintBall o'Tomorrow


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Contact Us

We're interested in hearing from you!

Do you have comments or questions on our organization? An announcement or posting for our Bulletin Board? Or would you like to become a member of our club? Please get in touch!

Just click the address to send us e-mail:
*Kyle Hudson- President:

*Christian- Treasurer, Videographer & Photographer:
phone: (812) 824-9495
Or you can reach us at our mailing address:

Paintball of Tomorrow
6045 S.R. 58 East
Heltonville, IN. 47436

The first step to becoming a Member!

As with most organizations, besides the fact that it's the way it should be, we don't disqualify an individual for race, sex, religion, height, weight, the quality of the equipment they use, or how well they play.

Membership dues are $20 per year or $30 per year for a family membership. All of this profit, we plan on filing for non-profit status, goes into the Club to help the teams & players grow.
Benefits of this club include potential sponsorships, discounts/other benefits at Toledo Indoor Paintball, the Dude Ranch, Paintball Valley, Bloomington Paintball Supply, Spanky's Paintball, the Paintball Barn, TreeHuggers Paintball, Snipers Paintball Supply, Paintball Fun, healthy competition, free entrance into our member-owned fields, much friendly knowledge of the sport, free airsmithing services, a member's card displaying your membership, free team bios, and as our #'s increase, cheaper prices visiting even more paintball fields.
You can apply for a membership online here or go to Bloomington Paintball Supply or Snipers Paintball Supply to get signed up instantly.