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Help track down these poor excuses for paintball players!!!

*$1,000.00 Cash Reward + Crime Stoppers Reward !!!!!!
Between the hours of 9pm Wednesday Jan 15th and 7am Jan 16th, Catfish Lake Paintball (also dba in Logansport, Indiana, experienced a break-in, vandalism, and theft of thousands of dollars in paintball equipment and electronics.  The person(s) responsible DID NOT steal any golf equipment (as we are also a year-round golf center) !!!!
We are offering a $1,000.00 cash reward above the local Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest/conviction of the person(s) responsible.  Please help by calling with ANY possible info!
Here are some items stolen ....
RT Pro, Polished, hopper right, serial # RTP00316
Tippmann A-5s (Didn't take hoppers...they'll need the A-5 hopper !!!)
NEW body style Piranha STS with multi-mode electric trigger (They didn't take charger....will need this!!!)
Here's the contact info...
Catfish Lake Paintball
1700 West Wabash Ave
Logansport, IN  46947
(574) 753-6551
Logansport/Cass Co Crime Stoppers
(574) 722-7867
Cass County Sheriffs Dept
Case # 20030100031
Attn: Tom Wallace
(574) 753-6293
Thanks, again,
Chris Canal, Owner
Canal Recreation LLC
*Be on the LOOKOUT!: Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley has reported that they were broken into Sat. June 1 and some equipment was stolen:

2 Bob Long Intimidators ( Olive Fade )
6 JT Slammer packs
6 Bob Long Spyder bodies
and other Misc.

If you have any info. please call Paintball Valley at (812)988-7750 all info. will stay confidential.
*Action Park was broken into and had some rental guns stolen on the evening of Saturday May 18th before the ICC event.

Anyone who can provide any information that will lead to the recovery of the guns or the arrest of the individuals will be given a cash reward.

Stolen were some piranha field rental guns with Nitro tanks. The guns have yellow or orange handles, power feed plugs so would be easy to identify. Please contact the field or call me direct if you hear of anything that could be related.

Action Park
574-315-7275 Cell

Matt S Groundfire

Please keep an eye out for all of this stuff and contact the stores, fields or individuals as soon as you hear something. All the information you need for them is here!
I'd also like to thank Anthony Lillig, Industry Relations Chair of the ICC,  for his input and letting us know of the incident at Action Park. AND the more recent update came in part by the Paintball Barn.
Thanx to Anthony & the Paintball Barn for keeping us posted!

Anthony Lillig, the ICC's Industry Relations Chair, e-mail about theft:
Summer is soon to be upon us and with that comes the fresh round of thefts.  Paintball equipment is very easy to track using serial numbers.  Fields & stores (players, too) should keep a list of all serial numbers of their equipment in case of theft.  The ICC keeps a segment of their message board open for lost & stolen equipment.  When reporting a theft, it is helpful to post the serial numbers, police case number, and the name & phone number of the officer in charge of the case.  Be as detailed as possible.  If you are a field or store and someone wants to sell you equipment, check the list of lost or stolen equipment.  We have retrieved stolen equipment in the past and led police to the people who did the crime.  Together, we can catch these people.