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PaintBall o'Tomorrow


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About Our Club & Plan

Past Steps:

PaintBall o'Tomorrow is a player-run club that has gradually been forming & reforming in Southern Indiana since the spring of 2002. Our clubs founders have been playing and throwing tournaments together since the summer of 2000, when we first introduced each other to some woods ball. That following winter we started building our own private field, we decided to offer loaner guns for newer players & we played every season including playing at night, in the rain & stomping through the snow. We only took breaks during the extreme heat of the summer. I certainly miss those days of playing on a quite unique & challenging hybrid-field, receiving & putting some paintballs through some surprisingly small holes, jamming out to some killer tunes during games, never worrying about a lack of honesty in players & ending many of those days with an unlimited-hit hopper-only game that would send many of us home slightly bruised but definitely laughing.

We then started producing the occasional event at a local store/field with good success for our county. We provided all the necessary functions besides providing the paintballs & air. We had a lot of fun throwing our events & we kept it cheap for players to play them. It was a blast bringing players together for competition & getting the chance to meet like-minded individuals from several surrounding counties.

During the spring of 2002 we took a hit & lost our private field & a co-founder due to their moving away from paintball (mainly because of the financial stress of paintball). About that time, we met a new paintball store owner who inspired the formation & the attempt at bringing players together with the concept of offering discounts & benefits to the players.

Another Step Taken:

We now stand looking back at a few seasons of trying to gain more players interest in our club, which we do not limit to any player, including paintballers of all skill levels & different gaming styles: Rec. ball, Pump & Tournament players. We have joined forces with fields & stores throughout Indiana to bring you benefits & discounts. We have helped one of our clubs tournament teams in getting sponsorships with a local field & a paintball manufacturer. We have spent many hours on our web sites helping many players get the current news and information about paintball in our surrounding areas. We also provide team bios to our members for promotion of their team and their sponsors. As another benefit, I am happy to further help promote our teams & help search for potential sponsorships through our communications with paintball businesses and companies. Although we have put building our own field & throwing tournaments on the back burner for now, in the future, as more players step towards becoming members, we hope to bring about more Charity Events to help promote & paint paintball it in a more positive light. But, thats possibly a few big steps away.

Old Goal Is Still Our Goal:

This year we extended the idea of becoming an official non-profit organization. This is our current primary goal. The only thing holding us back is funds. At the inception of our club earlier this year we put all of our funds and some future funds into different forms of advertising to help find players and gain members. To spare the clubs funds, some members have even made donations to help keep our clubs documents available. At last, we have broken even w/ the last couple of new members & we currently have about 1/3 of the funds needed to file & become official. Please take your time in checking out what we have to offer and seriously consider joining & growing with us.

The Next Step:

We often get asked if there are chapters of our club in other states across the U.S. We've heard from players from Hawaii & Washington and as close as Kentucky & Ohio. After receiving an e-mail on Nov. of 2002 from an Ohio Scenario Team who expressed that they are willing to help us expand, we decided to gather a vote. Voting was in favor of expanding our clubs benefits & discounts to 3 other States. They are Ohio, Kentucky & Illinois. We now are attempting to unite players, paintball stores & fields from 4 States. We need your help! Feel free to send us links to fields or send us in a link to your favorite store & field. We will do our best to help save you money!

Gador&Flex of the Outlaws at RVP ICC 8/11/02.jpg

Our Mission Statement:
  1. To have fun!
  2. To encourage the growth of paintball in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky & Illinois as well as the rest of the United States.
  3. To dedicate ourselves to advancing the game of paintball and promoting safe and responsible behavior.
  4. To help bring paintball players, fields & stores together as one community.
  5. To bring Paintball of Tomorrow club members & teams discounts, benefits & sponsors at various paintball suppliers & fields.




Rules For All Members:
  1. Players must place safety & honest playing above all else.
  2. Players must strive to ensure other players are behaving in a safe & honest manner.
  3. Players must treat all players respectfully.
  4. Players will refrain from arguing w/ players or referees.
  5. Players must do their best to help all players.


Kil&Chad of the Outlaws at ICC ISA on 9/15/02.gif


If you are interested in looking at more paintball pictures please stop by & visit our 2 pic sites:


Scott Matlock of the Sewer Rats Black/BPS manager

If you are interested in becoming a member or board member of PaintBall o'Tomorrow please e-mail us here:

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