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PaintBall o'Tomorrow
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Sign yourself up to join our club!

Fill out this form and send it to us on-line. Then snail mail us a check or money order made out to:
PaintBall o'Tomorrow
6045 S.R. 58 East
Heltonville, IN. 47436
Currently, all funds received are being put back until enough funds are gathered up to then file & put us in the running for non-profit status. If you send me your phone # we will contact all members before the checks are to be cashed.

A 1-year membership is only $20 per person
or $30 for a family (non-refundable).
Not sure if you want to become a member? Please click here to view our Benefits & Privelages

Currently this form has been taken off-line. A new form will be available to fill out by this weekend.. Sorry for any inconveinence.

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* - denotes a section we will fill out
** - add the amount of you, your spouse & your children up 

Things you should know:

This membership is good for one year and is non-refundable.

Once we are official, the Board members, President, etc., will hold their office for 1 year until they either resign or are found in neglect of their duties.


These can be printed & dropped off w/ your check or money order at Bloomington Paintball Supply located at 4019 W. 3rd St. in Bloomington, IN., Snipers Paintball Supply located at 303 E. 12th St. in Huntingburg, IN. or you can snail mail a check or money order made out to:

PaintBall o'Tomorrow, 6045 S.R. 58 East, Heltonville, IN. 47436

You can then pick up your card and reciept the next time we get together, at Bloomington Paintball Supply, or we can mail it to you. Please specify.