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Benefits & Privelages


These are the current "benefits" offered to the Members of our CLUB!!!


  • Paintball City, with 3 locations in Euclid, Ohio, has offered FREE Open Play at all 3 of their locations. For more information about them please check out their web site at: You can also contact them by phone at: (216) 404-0400.


  • The Catfiish Lake Family Fun Center, located in Logansport, IN., has offered FREE open play to any member presenting their 2003 membership card during the 2003 season!  For more information about them, check out: Updated site & info coming in late FEB. You can also contact them by phone at: (574) 753-6551






  • Snipers Paintball Supply, a small shop located in Huntingburg, Indiana, is offering all club members a 10% discount on all items in their shop, as well as a place for new members to sign up. A web page and e-zine are soon on their way. Feel free to call them at: (812) 683-4693


  • One of our Board Members, Scott Matlock, also a team member of the Sewer Rats Black, is offering club members free airsmithing (unless a gun needs a actual part) and reffing lessons. You can reach him at, thru their team site or at Paintball Valley at (812) 988-7750.


  • The Paintball Barn, located at 5800 N. 820 E. in
    Attica, Indiana, has provided free admission on regularly scheduled open play days to club members that show their membership cards. Their web address is: Their phone # is: (765) 572-2352


  • Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley, located in Nashville, IN., is the first to offer our Club's teams a sponsorship. It is for the 5-man ICC events. He also is sponsoring our team's at his field. AND you can expect some meetings to be held in their 200-person conference hall. They cater to all players: tourney & "rec" ball players. Their e-mail address is: Their phone # is: (812)-988-7750



  • Show your Member Card and I.D. to get 10% off all guns & 5% off everything else at Bloomington Paintball Airsoft Supply. The store is located in Bloomington, IN. For directions or more information please call: (812)332-2738.


  •  Spankys Paintball, a home based field & store located in Scottsburg, Indiana, has offered a free co2 fill and 10% off on cases of paint when Members present their I.D. & Member Card. They are FPO but they only charge $2 for as long as you play. Call Nancy or JC at: 1-812-752-7375. There web address is: We are also happy to say that they are also a sponsor of our clubs teams.



  • We have the potential of future sponsorships for the teams of our club. We already have 4 team sponsors.


  • Promotion for you and your Team! I personally will be offering free team bios on our website. (Let me know if you have any ideas on this.)


  • Group discounts at most fields.


  • Group rates at Blast Factory, an indoor 22,000 sq. ft. paintball complex in Kokomo, Indiana. For 15 or more of us. They also offered us "private" practice time (no ref's/BYOP) by appointment. Check them out at:

  • real help/advice


  • team practice/competition


  • b.y.o.p. (that's bring your own paint! it'll save you money) at our members fields 

  • a member card that not only shows your allegiance but also is a requirement for our discounts

As you can see, a membership will greatly benefit you, your team and the sport of paintball. As you probably know, paintball is not a cheap sport. We hope to bring you a way to practice, play and compete at an affordable price & we will continue to search for more sponsors to try and bring you a better deal. Join us and change the face of paintball as we know it. If you have any questions, you can get our contact information from the Contact Us page. Feel free to get in touch with us about anything!