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If you are a member of this club and you would like to sell or trade something, drop me an e-mail and I'll get it on here the next time I update the web site. If you are interested in any of these items, please contact the individual owner at the e-mail address given w/ the information below.

Tippmann Custom 98 - Loaded!!

        Model 98 Custom #3501

        Tuned up by tippmann in August 02'

        Added then also: their low pressure kit (which included a stripped down back bolt for rear cocking), their vertical secondary regulator & a 6" Psycho Ballistics Black Drop Forward

        Barrels include the Flatline barrel, a 12" Dye Boomstick & a 14" JJ Ceramic Barrel besides the stock barrel

        non-lubricated 32 degrees Venturi bolt & repair kit

        Psycho Ballistics Chrome trigger guard w/ double trigger

        All of the stock parts are included

        I'll even throw in 2/ 9 oz. tanks I never use


Total I paid over $685. Im asking for $450. Cash only.

No trades. E-mail Kil at It is currently sitting at Bloomington Paintball Supply if you want to check it out.


A little off-topic but still 4 sale!!

77' Slingerland 7-piece set with many extras. It has a natural finish but is covered in Blue Velvet. Heads are new besides a few hours use. Tom sizes are 10", 12", 13" & 14", bass drum is 24" w/ a Sonor pedal, 5 wore but usable cases, lots of misc. hardware, including extra snare & hi-hat parts. The snare is a 14" Ludwig w/ a case & includes stand. A Gibraltar drum throne, 2/ cowbells & morrocan bells. Cymbals included are a Zildjian 16" crash, an old Pearl cymbal, Sabian AAX 20" metal ride (newer) & an older Zildjian 22" ride. Hi-hats include a (newer) Sabian AAX 14" & B8 14" w/ a hi-hat stand. There are 6 used cymbal stands. I'll even throw in a (broken but usable) Sabian 8" splash. I have $1400 in it total & will sell it for $500 obo.



A Pearl Paul Marvin Smitty Smith Signature Series 14 snare. It is like new & has gold accents. A muffler pad is included. A $500 snare new & I will sell it for

$250 obo.


I will sell both as a set for $700!

Please e-mail Kil at