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We have an extensive address list and we'll be adding it to here eventually in full. As the best way to organize these links I will be dividing these into sections. We have no affiliation or sponsorships with these particular links. We are not responsible for their content. These are meant to just be helpful in providing knowledge to you (but it also helps me to keep better organized:) Unfortunately we might see portions of these links disappear as sponsors come available as a way to not offend them or a contract.
If you would like to suggest a link to a useful resource or would like to add one of your own, I will consider it. Just e-mail me at and give me some time.


Help save Paintballs future : &

Here's a paintball petition you should consider signing:



Tourney's, Scenario Games & Organizations:

Paintball Players Against Vandalism & Violence (PPAVV) Info:

Professional Referee Organization (PRO) -

Indiana Captain's Council

World Cup

NPPL Super 7 Series

Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP)

Paintball Competitions & Ratings International- 


Women In Paintball

Millennium Series-

PLIB (Paintball Light Infantry Battalion)-

Zap Skyball -

Canadian Paintball Association -

Prairie State Games (Illinois State Games) -
College Paintball -
American Paintball Players Association -
Old School Challenge, Ladies In Paintball & Lady T & A -

Bullseye Paintball Production -

Paintball Merchants Association -

On Target Entertainment -

International Amateur Open (IAO), Spyder Cup & the Nations Cup -

Ronn Sterns Paintball Camp -

Ultimate Madness -

Midwest Amateur Xtreme League -

Viper Scenarios -

Fun Expo -




Books, Art, TV & Movies:

Paintball on

Warpigs PigTV-

"Spplat Attack" w/ William Shatner-

"In Your Face" movie is out 

"Smoked" 2001 World Cup action-

2002 Toulouse video -

Jawbreaker Video -

Gun-Fu -

Ron Stern -

720 Video -



Paintball School:

Paintball Training Institute -



News, Forums & Info:

PB Nation

Paintball City-

Techno Paintball-

Action Pursuit Games-

Paintball Channel-

Durty Dan-

Snipers paintball site-

Stock-class players-

247 forum -

Paint Magazine -

LIP forum - -

Paintball Times -

Extremz Magazine (Kentucky based) -

WGP & the Naughty Dogs forums -



Tech/Markers/Airsmithing/General Knowledge:

Bore Sizes:barrels and balls

Technical Information

Tippmann Model 98 Discussion Group

Spyder Owner's Group

Bob Long's web board-

Paintball Physics

Co2 Info

Durty Dan's Secrets of Technology-

Ballistics of Paintball-

Loctite differences- 




Face Full magazine-

Action Pursuit Games-


Paintball 2 Extremes on-line-

P8nt Magazine-

Paintball News -



Paintball Trade Shows/Expos:

Paintball Expo -



Kick'N Paintball & Springfield Paintball- &

DYE's web site-

Ultimate Air-

Crossfire's site-

Bob Long's Intimidator-

Draxxus (formerly Diablo)-

AKA's site-

Indian Creek Design's site-

Paintball Junkies site-


Home of the "double whammy"-

Redz Comfort gear-

Cobra Paintball-


Palmer Pursuit-

Splat Masters (air fields)-

Major Paintball-

Milsim simulation & pb gear at Soul of the Warrior-


Tippmann Pneumatics-

Scott USA-


Smart Parts-


Diablo Direct -




The Paintball Jug -

Easy Fill Pod Filler -

Airgun Designs -

Airgun Designs -

Kingman USA -

Doc Allens Versatool -

Blackpoint Engineering -

Ronin Gear -

Calhoun Mfg -

Ricochet -

Warped Sportz -

Equation Design & Manufacturing -

Warrior Sports Gear -

WDP -, WDP also -

Empire -

Viewloader -

Professional Paintball Supplies -

War Machine Paintball -

Powerlyte -

Custom Sports Gear -

Top Stitch -

National Paintball Supply -

Nelson Paintball -

Impact Paintball -

Nexed Paintball -

Bauer Compressors -

Compressed Air Specialties -

Dead On Paintball -

Sup Air Ball -

Rhinotech USA -

Generation E - http://

Toxic Performance -

RADARchron -

A.T. Systems -

Mac Dev -

Wicked Air Sportz -




Tourney Rules:

Pump Players:
In Southern Indiana contact Dale Eaves at
In Northern Indiana contact Tigger thru the Sewer Rats message board at
In the Illinois area contact Jason "Extme" Klatt, President of Gunfighters Paintball Club/Scenario Team, at
In Michigan, contact Tom Watson at


Misc. Paintball:
An unrealistic paintball game-


Spankys Paintball



Check out our own picture sites:

This is a web site from a like-minded friend from Fort Wayne, IN:
These are some other INDIANA TEAMS with web sites:

These are some OHIO TEAMS with web sites:



These are some other KENTUCKY TEAMS with web sites:


Other Paintball Teams & Players:


Indiana Fields:

Most of our sponsors are Indiana fields/stores!

Bloomington Paintball & Airsoft Supply

Catfish Lake Family Fun Center 

Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley

Spankys Paintball

The Paintball Barn

TreeHuggers Paintball

Paintball Fun

Snipers Paintball Supply

Thunder Ridge-

Blast Camp-

Blast Factory-

Dark Armies-

Gator Pit-

Indy Sportz Alternative-

Silver Spur Splat-

the Splatter Zone-



Ohio Fields:

Some of our sponsors include Ohio fields/stores!

Paintball City -

Toledo Indoor Paintball -

The Dude Ranch -

Pinnacle Woods Paintball-

Splatterpark Paintball Games -

J & T Sporting Goods Paintball Park -

Xtreme Paintball Field -

Crossfire Sports -

Daves Paintball -

War Zone Paintball -

War of the Worlds Paintball -

Crazy Jims House of Adrenaline -

Great Lakes Paintball -



Kentucky Fields:

Paintball Asylum-

Hometown Paintball Supply -

Diehard Paintball -

Extreme Haven -

Bluegrass Paintball -

Rebel Ridge -



Illinois Fields:

Challenge Park-



Other Popular Fields:

Skirmish -

Off-topic Links-

E-Bay -

Timberland -

Asian World of Martial Arts -

Flaming Text -