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Paintball of Tomorrow


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About Our Club

Our Club History:

We were an uncertified club/organization that was established and founded by a group of like-minded friends over the summer and winter of 2000. After running our own personal field, we started throwing events in Bloomington, IN. Now, in 2002, we are reforming and becoming open to all paintballers!

We are now in the process of becoming a legal non-profit organization. We will work hard to get you as many benefits as possible and promote you and your team (if that is what you are looking for).

We are doing this to help empower the players and the sport of paintball. Simply because we love it. We want to help players & teams grow, help to make it more affordable, take part in Tournaments & Rec Games & become a part of the Paintball that is flying through the world faster than the speed of a paintball!

We currently have land that Members are providing to practice on. With this land, we will make it free to Members, so there is available, a very cheap way to compete, find teammates, etc. On this field we will set a standard of safety and honesty with our players and the training of our refs. We are adding more places to play as we grow & eventually hope to own our own land.

Because we are non-profit, we will rely on our Board Members to help run our fields along with Members who offer their time for reffing, building fields, moving barricades, selling food/snacks, etc. Currently there are Members playing every week.

We're also going to be creating, visiting, and becoming a part of the paintball that is going on around us. Even when fields don't offer us special discounts, we can at least receive group discounts.

Board Members (a couple positions remain open), the Treasurer, Secretary/Information Officer, Vice-president & President positions are chosen by the Board and its Officers. All positions (& future positions) will remain unchanged for 1 year unless they decide to resign or are found neglecting their respective duties. Board Meetings & Member Meetings will be held every 3 months on a weekday. 

Come join us and GROW!

Benefits & Goals of our Club:

*Our main goal is to have fun at all times

*the cost of playing at the Club's field(s) is FREE!!

*cheap co2 fills

*real help/advice

*team practice/competition

*with the numbers behind us, it will cost us less at other commercial fields
*some fields and stores have offered us discounts. Check Our Sponsors for the most current info!

*b.y.o.p. (that's bring your own paint! it'll save you money) at our field and our tournaments/events

*a member card that not only shows your allegiance but also a requirement for our discounts
*we already have a sponsor for two of our teams, more could be on the way
*a team biography for you accessible by anyone on-line
*if we catch you on tape, you can be sure to find yourself on our pic site
*currently we are using Club Members land, but in the future we hope to own our own land

Our Club Founders:

Christian "ZIP"


Alan "AL" Smith

Currently retired!

Scott "JET" Silvers


Kyle "KIL" Hudson