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Catfish Lake Family Fun Center

  For more information about them, check out: (Updated site & info coming in late FEB).  They are the site of a MIDWEST CUP event coming this JUNE!

Catfish Lake Family Fun Center
Logansport, Indiana
(574) 753-6551
Their first BIG GAME of the season is on Sunday April 6th .... Axis & Allies.

200-300 players are expected to participate and the cost is just $8 per player. For more info visit

For AXIS & ALLIES .... on Sunday April 6th. I will wave the $8/player entry fee for members of your organization.... so it's actually FREE! RPS Big Ball $49/cs RPS Premium $59/cs RPS Marballizer $69/cs. CO2 Fills $2.50/tank! BYO Nitro (Sorry).


Remember, card carrying members play for FREE !!!


It should be a great time!

You can click here to see what they've offered us:
You can click here to see their contact and website info:

By the way
THANKX to the Catfish Family Fun Center !