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Past Events-the beginning to December 2002

This is a record of our past activities.

Past Paintball Events:

December 2002:
2nd- The month is up . . . this section will not be updated again. I will be changing this page soon to create a better looking  (hopefully user-friendly) calender in the next couple weeks. For current paintball news be sure to also check out our bulletin board!
October 2002:
24th- Since I often spend many a hour updating this site for you and I don't really say anything here that I don't say on our Bulletin Board I believe I will stop doing this section. If this section gets read frequently and you would like me to continue to write this section, I will wait one month to hear your feedback so I can feel for sure that this is cool w/ the majority of you or if it is not. You can e-mail me at: w/ your opinion. Thanx.
9th-Last Sun., Oct. 6th, Jet & Kil of the B-Town Outlaws, Team Parasey, Scott Matlock, Adam & little Dave from the Sewer Rats, David Dixon & David Gish practiced at VBR/PV. It was a beautiful day with nice weather. There were a lot of good games and everyone played tough.
B-Town put in some work on a field were building for VBR/PV. Unfortunately, we have been short handed since some of our team has been having health problems. Nothing to serious though. We will be finishing up the field this week!
The B-Town Outlaws would like to welcome David Dixon to the team! We have gotten to play against Dave some the last few months. We are sure he will help to propel this team. Welcome aboard Dave!
I have finally been getting the chance to add some links to some various sites. I have a good sized list and it will for sure be taking me a few weeks to get around to adding them all. For the time being, I am not allowing on-line (only) stores to this site unless they cover a specialty item or have some important or cool info I beleive you should read. None of these links, besides the ones listed as sponsors, are our sponsors. This listing will only be available until company sponsorship offers start coming our way. Then it will depend on our sponsors. So check them out while you can!
The teams of this club just received another reffing oppurtunity for some paint! Pretty cool! Thanx Chris & Gary (VBR/PV)!

September 2002:
25th-The B-Town Outlaws spent last Sat., Sept. 21st building a field for VBR/PV. We will be completing it this weekend. Gary at PV arranged some nice compensation for our work. Thanx for the paintballs Gary! Team Parasey visited the Paintball Asylum & got to play against Asylum. Should have more news soon.
Last Sun., the 22nd, Team Parasey practiced at PV along with Matlock, David Gish and some others that Matlock has invited out from his job as manager of Bloomington Paintall Supply. Unfortunately I had to miss it.
How about this weather? This is when I really start enjoying the game! Soon comes snow :)
21st-On Sept. 15th, the B-Town Outlaws attended and played at the State ICC tournament held at Indy Sportz Alternative. Besides the thanx to everyone on our Bulletin Board, I wanted to congratulate, Havoc Lightning, Evil Factory Team, the Instagator's Green, Ouch Factor, Rival and Back lash II for some great games! Being teams that I know, I also wanted to say thanx to the Sewer Rats teams and congratulate them on a great season! We tried some taping of these games and ended up having to stop because of the double netting. We did take some pictures that will make their way on here next week.
Our teams and club would also like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with Matt Bowen's son and family. If there is ever anything we can do, e-mail me:
Last weekend, thanx to Anthony Lillig from the ICC, I got to meet some people from Action Markers and AKA. I will try and continue contact with them in hopes of future sponsorships. Keep your fingers crossed!
12th-On Sept. 18th, the B-Town Outlaws, Team Parasey, Scott Matlock & Adam of the Sewer Rats & some others played at VBR/PV. It was a good weekend for practice. Except for the fact that I may have to sit out most of the Indiana State Tourney being held this weekend because of a knee injury. For teams, I cannot stress enough the need for alternates.
6th-On Aug. 25th, Team Parasey played the 3-man ICC tourney held at VBR/PV. Most of the teams that attended stayed after for some practice afterwards. Some of the B-Town Outlaws spent the day rounding up some field equipment for a field that they'll be building for VBR/PV. Thanx to Gary for the very much appreciated paint for our work! 
On Sept. 1st, the B-Town Outlaws, Team Parasey, one of the Sewer Rats, former teammember of Team Thunderstruck & some others came by VBR/PV for some speedball and rec play. It was a beautiful day with some great practice!

August 2002:

11th-We are proud to announce 2 new sponsors: TreeHuggers Paintball & Snipers Paintball Supply! Thanx to both of you!!
The B-Town Outlaws attended the 6th 5-man ICC event held at River Valley Paintball. We would like to thank the ICC, Kick 'n Paintball & River Valley Paintball for a great tournament! Although there are some who have complained about the reffing and the quality of the paint, all in all, it was a great time. Thanx to the Sewer Rats Purple, Havoc Lightning, the Atomic Roosters, Groundfire White, the Wiseguys Lite, Backlash 1 & Asylum for some great games! Congrats to both Dominion Farside (A) & Outburst (N) for getting 1st in their respected divisions!!
Members of Team Parasey: Eric Buelna, Danny Buelna, and Daniel Haulk, just got back from attending the Diablo International Amatuer Open. They played in the 3 man divison. They had a really great time and also had Keely Watson sign their poster of her at the trade show. They have some pics from the event that we'll soon be putting on our 2nd pic site.
We are currently working on our 2nd pic site. Our 02' summer pics, Parasey's Diablo pics & B-Town's River Valley ICC pics are on their way!
9th-On Sun., Aug. 4th, the B-Town Outlaws & Team Parasey practiced at VBR/PV! After playing out in the sun for a few hours we had to find some fields with shade! I am definitely praying for some Fall weather. It's always a blast though!
2nd-On Sun., July 28th, the B-Town Outlaws, Team Parasey and some of the Sewer Rats practiced at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley! We'd like to say thanx to everyone who came out and took part! Although it is very hot and sweaty this time of the year!
Thanx to Scott Matlock for offering free airsmithing! It'd be hard to find a person as helpful as him. Thanx Scott!
Thanx to Shan "Flex" Bowers for coming out and attending his 1st practice with the B-Town Outlaws! Shan is a very welcomed addition to the team and he is on-board for the next 2 ICC's and beyond.
We have been talking about offering copies of the videos from the events we attend to sale for the club. Currently, because of the format we are using, copies will be limited, but we hope the club can eventually afford better equipment. Which will lead to unlimited copies and unlimited funds to help our club, teams and individuals grow!
I have been talking with someone from the Northern part of Indiana who is forming a paintball club. If you are to far up North for us, get ahold of him at! We look forward to holding interclub functions with them in the future. Join a club and watch paintball grow!

July 2002:
22nd-On July 15th, the B-Town Outlaws attended their 1st ICC tourney held at Fantasy Fields. We'd like to thank the ICC, Gene Winters, Kick N' Paintball, reffing teams: DNA Black, all of the Wiseguys teams & Outburst. We'd like to congratulate Groundfire White (N) & Bad Dreams Green (A) for being the top of the class and grats also to Forsaken (N) for winning the sportmanship award! It was a great day, we learned a lot and had a blast!
We'd also like to thank 4-Play, Groundfire White, Da Boyz, Dominion Blue, Avatar Chaos & Instagator's Green for the lessons. Also, thanx to the Sewer Rats for the loaner from their tent! We were already minus a player (he's in his 50's and one of the best back player's we got) because he can't play in the pounding heat, then another teammate was in a wreck that weekend and then within the first 3 games, 2 of our guys were injured! Talk about a rough day!
10th-On July 7th, the B-Town Outlaws & Odyssey had practice at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley. My cousin, who is from Michigan, also was introduced to paintball for the first time. Addictive ain't it! Since it has been so hot lately we have decided to get together earlier in the morning. I must admit that it definately helps!
4th-On June 30th, the B-Town Outlaws had practice with our new 5-man sponsored Team: Odyssey and all three of the Sewer Rats Team's: "Black", "Silver" & "Purple". Our team learned some valuable lessons and we look forward to using it starting this weekend & throughout the future.We'd like to thank the Sewer Rats for all of  the friendly advice and wisdom. We did get some taping in a little later in the day. Expect some pictures soon!
On July 3rd. the winner of our Tippmann A5 drawing was announced and it was Tim Elliott of Bloomington, IN. Congratulations Tim!!!Unfortunately we raised no money for the club with this raffle but we at least got to give away a gun worth $310-350 for $5!
Scott Matlock has just been announced as a Board Member. Welcome aboard Scott! Scott is a Team Member of the Sewer Rats "Black" and is lucky enough to have a job at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley.

Team Spectre South at work!!!

June 2002:

14th-Last Sun., on June 9th, we attended and would like to thank Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball ValleyGary, Chris and the Sewer Rats for putting on a great tournament with Quadzilla! Everything started on time and it was professionally done. I didn't see one bad call in any of the games. We have video and I'll be getting up the new pics over the weekend. Thanx guys!
On that note, I'd like to congratulate Scott Schooley's team, Team Spectre South, on some great playing & walking away with 1st place (and of course, the 4/ Bob Long Intimidators). 2nd place (4/ nitro tanks) went to the Atomic Roosters, a rec team from up North, who played strong games throughout. Odyessey and another team (sorry guys, let me know and I'll fix it) combined their teams and got 3rd place (along with 4/ cases of paint and JT slammer pods). 4th place (included 4/ free Memberships to Paintball Valley) went to the Soggy Bottom Boys. I'd like to congratulate the Soggy Bottom Boys on the last game they played which was against the B-Town OUTLAWS. Their smart play on rushing to the flag won them the game and knocked us out of a possible 3rd or 4th place. Excellant play guys!
It was a hot day but it was a great day! Hope to see you all again soon.
7th-Last Sun., June the 2nd, we had a practice at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley. We got to meet some of the Sewer Rats. Odyssey showed too. It was a very warm day, but we had a good time.
Oh, I have to apologize, one of the guys we played with Sun., I accidentaly shot in the balls. SORRY DUDE! Just thinking about it is making me consider buying a cup  . . .
May 2002:

29th-Last Sunday, on May 26th, we played some backwoods games on our Member donated field. We had a good showing. It was a sweaty day but it was well worth the time!
25th-Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley has offered us a sponsorship for our 5-man team at the ICC!! Scott Matlock, who is a Memeber of the Team: Sewer Rats Black & who also works at Paintball Valley, said that the owner, Gary, said that they'd be able to "work something out for anyone in the Club." They cater to all paintballers, both the Rec Player and the Tourney Player! There is more stuff, but I'll update more in a few days.
21st-On Sun., May 19th we played at a backwoods course that Members have made available to us. Had about 16 show. Search and destroy, flag and elimination games were held. We're planning on playing again next Mon.>>>
On Sat., May 18 we visited the I.C.C. at the Morgan County Fairgrounds in Columbus. We got to meet Chris Herring the President, Anthony Lillig the Industry Realtions Chair and others. They all seem to be great guys and they've got a good thing going on and we are very interested in working with them. Our team is going to participate in their future events. Currently most of their events are held up North and as Anthony told me, you have to play at least 4 events a year to receive a chance to vote. By more Southern teams participating, we can get more of their events closer to us. They provide a very cheap way to participate in Speedball Tournaments and are starting to receive notice from Action Pursuit Games who will soon be showing their tournament results.
We are discussing some changes to Paintball of Tomorrow. Stay tuned . . .
11th-We had our 1st Official Board Meeting. We had a good showing and many things got discussed. A raffle for a Tippmann A5 will start this week. Contact us if you're interested in purchasing tickets.
Our schedule changed some because of a play date for members that is set up for this weekend. We will still be meeting after the games to travel out to the field if you're interested. Check out our schedule on the right>>>

April 2002:
27th-Rained out! Can you believe all this rain?!
22nd-This weekend, on Sat. the 27th at 5 p.m., we will be inviting everyone who is interested to meet at Bloominbton Paintball Supply located at 4019 W. 3rd St., in Bloomington, In. We will be meeting people there and will then let you follow us out to the field. People that are interested on being on the Board should come out now! For more directions you can call Larry or Julie from B.P.S. at #812-332-2738. You don't have to be a Member to meet us and come out to the field. The field is still under work but you can see the potential. If you can bring out materials for the fields, please bring it out. Hope to see you there!

13th-We marked stumps and prepped our new (soon-to-be) leased land to be bush hogged.
Member cards are now available. We also have made it possible to send in payment directly to us. Money orders only! Just follow the directions on the sign-up page.
There will be alot of work getting done this week. STAY TUNED . . .
6th and 7th-We looked at our first addition to the Club's fields. We will soon be leasing this land. We also moved our old barricades out to the new field. On the 20th of Sat. at noon, we'll be marking stumps and designating "keeper" brush piles, while preparing it to be bushhogged.
We now have an add that will appear next month for one year at a bowling alley in Bloomington. More details will be on their way!
Our Member Cards are now being printed as we speak. They should be available somewhere between tomorrow and next Wed.!
I have been talking to various fields, narrowing down our insurance choices and tracking down "official" Club information. Click here to see what we currently have to offer Members now:
You can find out more about our Sponsors from here:

March 2002: Edit

22nd-We're playing this weekend!>>>>
We are currently in talks with a new paintball store owner here in Bloomington, In. The name of his store is Bloomington Paintball Supply. We, with his help, are in the process of forming a new paintball club that will encompass several counties around this State. Larry Corbin, the store owner, has offered a generous 10% off of all guns & 5% off of everything else, for all clubmembers and the possibility of receiving our products tax free. Membership will be $30 per year or $40 per year for a family membership, which goes into club funds for netting, insurance (if it applies to us?), etc. As we work out the details and get the club up off the ground, there will be other benefits such as a field(s) that will be available for members to play on on Sat.'s & Sun.'s (weekday appointments will be available depending on the availability of refs). There are many things we'll be working out, so keep in touch. Those interested should e-mail us here, or stop by Larry's store on the West side of Bloomington, the address is: 4019 W. 3rd St. You can go and sign up there!


The majority of our members showed up for good weather in the 50's. . We did get some taping done, but it will be over the next month or so before they're available on-line. We had some exciting battles but the overall feeling was of a little disappointment since this was our last day at this field. Oh well . . . on to bigger and better things!


10th-The day went very well and all teams got to get in invaluable team practice. It was a beautiful day with great weather. You guys played well!
February 2002:

26th-Next weekend enjoy yourself! Our next date is set up for March 10th-->
24th-Change of plans! The house has been cancelled (soon to be rescheduled!), instead, we'll be playing at Odyssey's & Heltonville Militia's personal field for some practice.


Things went well. The majority of our members showed up for a beautiful day. We played on both their speedball course (which I'd like to suggest to them to make it a little bigger, most of our members can't hide behind teenager-sized barricades) and their large course which included a barn, silos, an old abandoned (& tornado hit) hangar and home-made barricades. It was a great time! Thanx for inviting us out.

17th-Members are all invited to come to practice this Sunday, Feb. 17th, for next weekend's competition. The weather is supposed to be in the lower 40's.

A reminder: Our date for playing at the house is set in stone for Sunday, Feb. 24th.


Some of our members showed up for good weather in the 50's. We also got to get in some taping (which I'll be adding to our picture site very soon). The day ended with Joe & Kil chasing each other around a tree, and Jet following Gador around. There should be some good footage. It was a good day . . .

10th-A majority of our members showed up last Sunday, Feb. 10th, to check out the house. "Walk the field" they suggest, nuff said.

5th-Members are all invited to come out to play at our first visit to an old abandoned farm house for some different paintball. We have been invited to this place by some fellow paintballers who made it to our last Paintball Tournament held at Bent Arrow's in Bloomington, IN. last November. We are "happy" to say that we are "more than happy" :) for this challenge. This will be our 1st indoor game!

The date is set for February 24th. We will be setting a date to go checkout the house soon. It will probably be for the weekend before the adventure.

We actually have (respectivly) 3 members having b-day's this month. Happy B-day Zip (co-Founder and Member), Jet (co-Founder and Member), & Gador(Member), all three are also team members of the OUTLAWS !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENTLEMAN.

January 2002:

27th-Clubmembers are invited to come out to our personal field on Sunday, Jan. 27th, 2002. Snow is unlikely again . . . supposed to be in the 50's. At least its decent co2 weather.


We had almost every member show and a returning guest, Rex (hope to see you again too!). Although we didn't tape, there were some very memorable games played. I can remember the one where my foot fell into some sinking mud as I was charging an opponnet. Luckily I got him before the ground got me! OR Gador experiencing his first full hopper unlimited hits w/ 3 people on him! He loved it! Or Al & Jet battling it out and finishing off each other leaving Rex the winner! As I said, many g o o d g a m e s . . .

13th-Clubmembers are invited to come out to our personal field on Sunday, Jan. 13th, 2002. I'm personally hoping for some snow . . .


The majority of our members showed up for a decent 45 degree day. No snow unfortunately (which is why we didn't tape), but . . . we had many good games. Finishing the day with one of our favorites (for those brave/crazy(?) enough): full hopper w/ unlimited hits. From experience, there's nothing like three guys charging at you not caring about getting hit!

December 2001:

We had our first night game with glo-sticks this month. It was a different type of game. We look forward to trying it again this Spring!


We will soon be having a get together with some local paintballers in a house! This will be our first indoor playing. We're aiming for early Jan.

Our event from Aug. 12th, 2001 

November 2001:

On 11/11/01 we threw our 2nd event at Bent Arrow's in Bloomington, IN. The event went well. We had about the same turnout as our first one with few familiar faces. This time out we decided to get contact information from you so that we are able to contact you when events are thrown, or in the event that we invite the public to our personal field. We didn't give out to much notice this time and we will be sure to not let that happen again. Stay in touch with us! Information about any event we throw will be here. Or take the easy route and get added to our mailing list. Just click here to e-mail us your name and email address:

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