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Indiana Captain's Council (ICC)


ICC Mission Statement

The Indiana Captains Council (ICC) is a player-run organization whose purpose is to promote the sport of paintball within Indiana. The ICC also seeks to involve paintball businesses in the growth of the ICC and paintball as a whole.

Strategic Intent

  • To raise public awareness of paintball and create a positive image of the sport to all entities who come in contact with it.

  • To become an integral part of the success of paintball within the state of Indiana.

  • To develop and document a business model which can be used to start similar player-run organizations in other states.

Our Vision

The ICC is structured to give the players a voice in how the league operates. By functioning in this manner, the ICC ensures that the league is always working to the benefit of the players, as well as the paintball community in general.

The ICC also believes that by working with paintball businesses we will be able to develop a relationship that will help to accelerate the growth of paintball. Through this relationship, the ICC seeks to gain promotional support from local, national, and international paintball businesses. In return, the ICC offers promotional support and knowledge sharing.

Our Competitive Advantage

The ICCs competitive advantage comes from its strength as a player-run organization. The ICC is able to respond quickly and appropriately to the needs and wants of the paintball player community as a direct result of its structuring as a player-run organization. Further, the ICCs philosophy of collecting and distributing ongoing feedback between the players and businesses involved with the ICC help us to accurately identify wants and needs of the entire paintball community.

The Culture We Strive For

Above all, the ICC works to promote sportsmanship and camaraderie among the members of the league. We believe that these qualities are critical to the long-term, enduring success of the league and paintball in general. Further, we wish to foster a relationship that will bind the paintball players and businesses into working toward common goals.

The Winning Outcome

We believe that the end result of this mission statement will be a stronger, larger paintball community and that paintball will be viewed positively by those who do not play the sport of paintball.


My girlfriend, knowing of my love of the sport of paintball, found this advertisement in a magazine and tore it out.  She was shocked to see that the lady had no mouth protection (she does know what my mask looks like) with a ball headed directly towards her face.  While the thrust of the ads is that cleanliness can still exist in the most dirty of conditions, she was concerned as to the message being presented.  Advertisement is about selling a product.  Looking at this ad, what would you assume the ad was for?  Over 90% of this ad seems to be selling paintball.  Less than 5% actually sells the product. 
The dual edged blade of this ad seems to be: Sell an improper image of the sport while at the same time exposing our sport to a larger market.  Is this ad a safety issue our industry needs to address?  Personally, I think acknowledging the ad and presenting the question can often times do more good than protesting the ad.  It isn't blatantly a safety issue, but it still is something the industry should always keep an eye on.
Anthony Lillig
Industry Relations Chair for ICC


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