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the OUTLAWS> Evil, Kick'n & Xtreme Novice Tournament Teams & Scenario Team

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Brief Bio:
This team formed & played recreationally over the Summer & Winter of 2000. We then moved on to building our own field & throwing tournaments at a host field during 2000-02. Then we initiated the formation of this club back in the Spring of 2002. Around the middle of 2002 we started playing speedball tournaments. During that time we have attended Indiana tournaments, built a field for our field sponsor, helped ref at tournaments & scenario games.
The beginning of 2003 finds us looking for some serious tournament players. We are currently in search of players for our 3rd 5-man sponsored team. We hope to work up to 3/ 5-mans, 2/ 7-mans & a 10-man team over the next month. We also hope to form a larger scenario team this year. If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail us at

Team Members:
EVIL Outlaws
Kyle "KIL" Hudson - team owner & captain
Scott "JET" Silvers - field captain
Luke Algood
KICK'N Outlaws
Micheal Bohnert - field captain
Adam Galloway
Andy Strouse
Charlie Dix
Jesse Pontius
RJ Bohnert
3rd team is currently being put together. Contact us if you're interested! A few ballers are needed to fill out the rest of this team:
XTREME Outlaws
Darryl Hadfield - Field Captain & co-Manager
Todd "Bad Karma" Lowry
Christian "ZIP"
Scott "JET" Silvers
Jesse Van Pelt
Jesse Pontius
Adam Galloway
Steve Dickens
Le Anne Dickens
Danny Buelna
Darryl Hadfield
Todd "Bad Karma" Lowry
Andy Strouse
Dan Smith
Alan Smith
Chad "Cheese" Silvers
Tim Elliott

Current Events Scheduled:
  • On May 17th, we will be reffing & playing the Scenario Game at VBR/PV for their videogame inspired storyline "HALO".
  • On June.14th & 15th, we will be attending Black Cat Productions & Paintball Fun's Scenario Game entitled "A Soldiers Story".
  • On July 13th, we will be attending the Blast Factory ICC event.
  • On Aug. 2nd & 3rd, we will be reffing the Paintball Valley/Wayne Dollack Scenario Game entitled "Icarus".
  • On Aug. 10th, we will be attending the Airsport Productions ICC Columbus event.
  • On Sept. 14th, we will be attending the Paintball Barn ICC event.
  • On Oct. 4th & 5th, we will be attending On Target Entertainment's 7-man Heartland Series Finals in Indy.
  • On Oct. 12th, we will be attending the Atmosfear Productions ICC event.
Events Attended & Reffed:
  • Quadzilla at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley in the Summer of 2002.
  • The 5th ICC event held at Fantasy Fields in the Summer of 2002.
  • The 6th  ICC event held at River Valley Paintball in the Summer of 2002.
  • The 7th 5-man novice ICC event on Sept. 15th at Indy Sportz Alternative in the Summer of 2002.
  • We Reffed and played Wayne Dollack/Paintball Valley's "Final Fantasies" Scenario Game on Oct. 19th & the 20th of 2002. 
  • Some of B-Town reffed an air soft event for VBR/PV. 2 teammembers of the Outlaws now have "General Role" Scenario Game experience. Oct. 26th & 27th, 2002.   
  • Members of our team helped ref the BPS Open on Nov. 17th, 2002.
  • We attended the Indiana Captains Council (ICC) convention on Dec. 15th, 2002.
  • Members of our team helped Ref the 3-man Rookie Series held at Paintball Valley on March 9th, 2003.
  • Kick'n & Evil attended the 1st ICC event this year at Underground Paintball.on March 16th, 2003. 
  • Evil & Kick'n members helped Ref & run the 2nd 3-man Rookie Series event held at Paitball Valley in April, 2003.
  • Evil & Kick'n attended the 2nd ICC/PMI event held at the Proving Grounds in April, 2003.
  • Members of the Outlaws teams helped run & ref Paintball Valley's 3-man Rookie Series in May, 2003.
  • Members of the Outlaws teams produced and reffed the 4-man Apocalypse tourney at Bent Arrow's in May, 2003.
Stats from past tournaments:
  • Placed 5th at VBR/PV's Quadzilla
  • Placed 38th out of 55+ teams with the 3 events we attended in the Summer 02' ICC/Kick n Summer series (it's a beginning at least!)
  • The Kick'n team placed 15th & the Evil team placed 25th at the 1st ICC/PMI event of 2003 held at Underground Paintball.
  • Kick'n finished 8th at the 2nd ICC/PMI event held at the Proving Grounds in April 2003.

We'd like to thank Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley for sponsoring our 1st & 2nd 5-man teams. Thanx a lot Gary & Chris!
We'd also like to thank



Spankys Paintball


Quadzilla June 02' event at Paintball Valley


Fantasy Fields ICC event from July 02'


This is the B-Town Outlaws at the August 2002 ICC/Kick'N Summer Series at River Valley Paintball


This is from the ICC/PMI Summer Series on March 2003!

Gador, Kil, Joe, Chad & Flex-at the 02' ICC State Finals held at the Indy Sportz Alternative

Feel free to contact the Outlaws on their forum at