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Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley

Valley Branch Retreat recently branched out by buying Bloomington Paintball & Airsoft Supply. For more information on this store visit:

Their 3-man Rookie League dates & information can be found here: Cheap to play & some cool prizes!

*Make plans and pre register ---- get a free barrel condom! 
On May 10th they will be having a Scenario Game based on the
 videogame "HALO". For more info please cl;ick here:
& Check Upcoming Events
Here's the storyline for Halo:
The mission to draw the Covenant forces away from Earth has
 failed.  The surviving defenders who were shot down on the 
distant planet Halo have been killed and the SPARTAN project 
has been captured.  Humans flee with great terror as the 
Covenant forces attack key targets of Earth without remorse.  
The only hope of survival lies in the team of SPARTAN 
engineers who fled the planet Reach when the Covenant first 
attacked.  In a desperate struggle the engineers, along with a 
small team of soldiers, were able to board a transport ship and 
warp into deep space.  Where they ended is unknown, but few
 traces of communication have been found.  The people of 
Earth must form and find a way to contact the engineers and 
bring them home to construct the SPARTAN RESISTANCE.

On August 2nd & 3rd they will be throwing a Scenario Game with Wayne Dollack entitled "ICARUS". Click here for more info:
On August 17th, they will be throwing their 2nd Annual "Quadzilla" 4-man paintball bash:

They also will be throwing monthly Airsoft Tactical Assaults throughout the year if you're into that. Look here for a complete schedule:

You can click here to see what they've offered one of our tournament teams:
You can click here to see their contact and website info:

By the way