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Team Parasey> 9-man team

Formerly known as Team Odyssey and Team Paragon . . .

Team Members:
  • Daniel Weddle-Team Captain
  • Tanner Thomas
  • Eric Buelna
  • Danny Buelna
  • R.P. Peabody
  • Carl Harden
  • Daniel Hawk
  • Joe Troutman
  • Greg Arnold

Events to Attend:
Events Attended:
  • Quadzilla at Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley in the Summer of 2002
  • 3-man ICC events held at VBR/PV this year in the Summer of 2002
  • 2002 Diablo International Amateur Open in the Summer of 2002
  • 3-man event at Bent Arrow's in the Summer of 2002
  • They helped Ref the VBR/PV & Wayne Dollack Scenario Game entitled "Final Fantasies: Headlok" on Oct. 19th & 20th of 2002
  • Parasey helped ref an air soft scenario game event for VBR/PV in Oct. of 2002
Stats from past tournaments:
  • Placed 3rd at Quadzilla
  • Are the top 3-man ICC rookie league team
  • At the 2002 Diablo International Amateur Open, Eric Buelna, Danny Buelna, and Daniel Haulk scored 312 points in the 3-man division.
  • Placed 1st at the 3-man event at Bent Arrow's. Daniel Weddle, Tanner Thomas, and Eric Buelna attended the event.

We'd like to thank Valley Branch Retreat/Paintball Valley for sponsoring our 2nd 5-man team in the ICC. Thanx a lot Gary & Chris!



Some of Parasey at Paintball Valley for the 4-man Quadzilla